Cultured pearls are our passion

Our time-honoured company was founded by Heinz Nesper in 1970. Now in the hands of the second generation, we supply large chainstores with cultured pearls, who then sell the merchandise under their own brandnames.
Our aim has never been to put our name at the forefront, but to provide our clients with high quality merchandise at attractive prices. We have now created our own pearl jewellery collection, which carries our brandname and offers our clients the advantage of 40 years experience and success, following our principle of giving maximum value in pearls, gold and diamonds in all our pieces.
The designs come from classical shapes and forms which are refined to instill a sense of modern beauty. The choice of pearl is always at the centre of a design. Subtle differences set the energy and proportions that ultimately gives the jewellery piece its stylish and contemporary appearance, making an enduring ‘new classic’, as opposed to the passing trends of costume jewellery.

Yours, Frank & Yana Nesper


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